Monday, November 22, 2010

Update: EBIX stabilizing after earnings report pullback to 20.62

EBIX took a bit of a wild ride after reporting earnings on Nov. 9, 2010: first up to 28.21 and then down to 20.62, nice run for an options strangle :) It now seems to stabilize above the trend line in the figures below, and above the 30 EMA in the weekly chart. A good entry point for further stockpiling might be when the stocks moves above the minor resistance 22 on increasing volume and relative strength. Carefully watch then what will happen at the mayor resistance 22.64: if it bounces  back, get out quickly at a small profit. If it overcomes the resistance, the next target would be the high of Nov. 9 at 28.21. I tight stop can be set below 20, or a riskier one with a bit more room to breath below the strong support at 18.

EBIX - daily chart

EBIX - weekly chart

Monday, November 8, 2010

EBIX earnings report, tomorrow November 9, 2010 at 11:00 A.M. EST

EBIX has had a bit of a wild ride since my October 31 posting. This ride provided for nice low entry points on November 2. On that day a bullish Hammer candlestick was generated. Since then EBIC has been on its way up in expectance of tomorrow’s earnings report. Volume is up today while the stock jiggles around 26, most likely forming a indecisive Doji star. If you have already bought EBIX and are on the plus side, you might secure your profits with a tight stop a bit below 25.50. Otherwise, if you like this stock2own, you might have a chance to enter tomorrow slightly above the 26.36 high of Oct. 28, in case that earnings turn out positive (Conference call: Tuesday November 9, 2010 at 11:00 A.M. EST). 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watchlist Update: EBIX @ 24.65 after breakout/pullback

101029 WATCH EBIX  after breakout and pullback to baseline @ 24.65,
use tight STOP below 24.65 , 1st TARGET @25.89, 2nd TARGET - the open sky :)

EBIC is a truly attractive stock2own ( At 24.65 it is priced less than 1/3 its moderate MOS value of  86.17, all growth  rates in the green, low debt. 
The technical indicators on stock2own are also giving green light, so I am  just waiting for a good entry point. The chart has generated a long "cup" formation from Nov. 2009 to Sep. 2010 (as before from Aug. 2008 to July 2009) and broken out successfully on Sep. 27, 2010. In a similar move up, the stock would now have a target around 30.

A breakout move on last Thursday, Okt. 28 on high volume, marked a new high at 26.36. On Friday the stock pulled back to a minor breakout level @ 24.65. If the uptrend is confirmed next week, a tight stop can be set below 24.65 for entering  a trade with a lot of upside potential. 

Note of caution: earnings will be announced on Nov. 9 before market.


Monday, October 25, 2010

101025 BUY NIV @ 2.85 after breakout

101025 BUY NIV @ 2.85 after breakout, STOP @ 2.67, 1st TARGET @ 3.0, 2nd TARGET @ 3.5

NIV looks very attractive at stock2own, with a moderate MOS value of 16.16, all growth  rates in the green, no debt, and a low PE compared to its Industry/Sector. I was waiting for a technical entry point, which happened today by breaking above 2.75 on increasing volume. Targets are 3.0, 3,5 and 4.0.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Why do the stock2own and big5roi MOS values disagree?

Hey, just back from Phil Town Rule #1 training course and highly motivated to get things going, I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog about important questions and ideas that concern Rule #1 investors come up with.

My own first question is, why do the two, free Rule #1 websites, and come up with different Sticker Prices and different MOS values for a stock (by the way, I realized that Phil Town's pay-for TownTools come up with again a 3rd set of Sticer and MOS numbers).

I will work on this question myself and post my own conclusions later on this blog. Maybe someone has gone through the same analysis and has a quick answer. Thanks for reading this blog.

Cheers spjuliman