Monday, November 22, 2010

Update: EBIX stabilizing after earnings report pullback to 20.62

EBIX took a bit of a wild ride after reporting earnings on Nov. 9, 2010: first up to 28.21 and then down to 20.62, nice run for an options strangle :) It now seems to stabilize above the trend line in the figures below, and above the 30 EMA in the weekly chart. A good entry point for further stockpiling might be when the stocks moves above the minor resistance 22 on increasing volume and relative strength. Carefully watch then what will happen at the mayor resistance 22.64: if it bounces  back, get out quickly at a small profit. If it overcomes the resistance, the next target would be the high of Nov. 9 at 28.21. I tight stop can be set below 20, or a riskier one with a bit more room to breath below the strong support at 18.

EBIX - daily chart

EBIX - weekly chart

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